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We are here with the most affordable vascular operation in Hyderabad in a perspective to serve you the most precious vascular health in minimum price. Scroll down and know us better.

What treatments can a vascular surgeon do?

Vascular surgeons are the specialists of the vascular system and treat the diseases related to it. Our arteries carrying oxygen rich blood and veins carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart. This forms the roadways of your circulatory system. Our body fails to function without optimum blood circulation. Vascular conditions involving vessel wall hardening may end up in jamming our circulatory system. Therefore, blood flow obstruction can occur in any part of the body.

A vascular surgeon works to reinstate the patient's vascular health.

We bear the responsibility to deliver the most affordable vascular operation in Hyderabad because we believe that money should not hinder one’s hope to live more & better. So, a vascular surgeon ensures that patients having vascular health issues get to know and understand all possible treatment options. In short, for vascular surgeons surgery is the last resort, but can treat many patients even where surgery is not required. However, just proper medication or regular exercise can reinstate your vascular health. One vascular surgeon even said – “I spend 80 percent of my time trying to talk my patients out of having surgery.”

We deliver best practices through affordable vascular operation in Hyderabad

Our vascular surgeons command the best expertise in every kind of vascular procedure. Other healthcare specialists master either one or two vascular interventions, therefore their patients can avail only those treatments. However, vascular surgeons are widely trained in various procedures meant for reestablishing your vascular health in a minimally invasive manner. As per patient’s condition & requirement surgery is done or avoided. Vascular surgeons are “treatment agnostic,” therefore they don’t perform preference wise. Patients are assured of best treatment for their particular ailment.

Vascular surgeons work for building relationship of trust

There are some surgeons who just accomplish their job to perform the procedure, ensure your healing and then leave. But a vascular surgeon is the one who stays connected to you even for decades. So, he/she very often develops a long-term relationship with his/her patients undergoing treatment for some long-term condition. You can trust a vascular surgeon that he/she will take care of your long term health and guide you for your improvement.

Vascular surgeons have expertise to manage blood vessels in every part of the body beyond heart & brain.

Let's explain with an example, A vascular surgeon handles carotid artery ailment in the neck region. He/She treats the aorta after it leaves the heart and enters the abdomen, without intervening the heart tissue. Vascular surgeons also practice to treat Peripheral vascular disease, usually affecting the arteries in the legs and feet.

How to know that I need to see a vascular surgeon?

Typically, patients reach a vascular surgeon as per the reference of their primary care physician. Sometimes patients get to see a vascular surgeon only after an unexpected health associated event that lands them in a hospital. In case a patient visits his/her regular doctor with the complaint of paining legs and finds out that he/she is suffering from peripheral arterial disease. Additionally, if he/she is in a high risk category, then he/she might begin a long term relationship with a vascular surgeon.

Are you looking for an affordable vascular operation in Hyderabad?

Join hands with Hyderabad Vascular which is working on the lines of best medical practices and facilitates you the best vascular surgery in Hyderabad. Dr. Narendranadh Meda, having exceptional experience and abundant knowledge in this field, will be available for consultation here