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Risk Checker

Your contact details will not be forwarded to any third party. Some of your answers might contribute to national statistics and further search on vascular conditions.

Are You Smoking?

Do you have Diabetes?

Is your diabetes well controlled?

Do you have a high blood pressure?

Is your blood pressure well controlled?

What sort of foods do you generally eat?

Is your cholesterol less than 5 mmol/L?

Helpful Explanation
-Above 5 is considered high, and below 5 is considered low.

Is your Body Mass Index less than 25?

Helpful Explanation

BMI is Body Mass Index. It is a way of calculating how healthy your weight is. It uses your height and weight to give a number which is normally between 18.5 and 25. Below this is considered underweight. Above this is overweight, with values above 30 considered obese.

Do you regularly exercise for at least thirty minutes three times a week or more?