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The no-scar treatment with SONOVEINĀ® using therapeutic ultrasound

SONOVEINĀ® echotherapy represents the only completely non-invasive varicose vein treatment using therapeutic ultrasound and can treat the vein from outside the body.

How Does Echotherapy Work?

Echotherapy uses ultrasound waves similar to the ones used during an ultrasound exam. But unlike diagnostic ultrasound, echotherapy uses higher energy waves and focuses them upon the vein to generate thermal energy.2 As the thermal energy is delivered, the vein shrinks and is sealed closed.

The vein is treated step-by-step with therapeutic ultrasound.

Who Is Eligible For Echotherapy ?

  • 1. Do you suffer from visible varicose veins on your legs, or even open ulcers?
  • 2. Do your legs often feel heavy and/or itching?
  • 3. Are you dissatisfied with the results of a previous varicose vein treatment?
  • 4. Do you want to gently remove your varicose veins, i.e. without surgery and general anaesthetic?
  • 5. Are you looking for a treatment method which allows for an immediate return to everyday life?

If you answered at least one of these five questions with "Yes", Echotherapy could be suitable for you. Ask your vein specialist

Focussed ultrasound probe

Focusses ultrasonic waves to a single point

High-intensity therapeutic ultrasound

Similar to diagnostic ultrasound, except the ultrasonic waves are concentrated to a higher intensity to treat the diseased vein

Varicose vein

The ultrasound is applied to the diseased vein

Focal point

The ultrasound wave is focused on the vein causing it to shrink and close

Venous Reflux

In healthy leg veins the surrounding muscles, combined with the elasticity of the vein walls and vein valves, ensure the blood is transported against gravity from the legs to the upper body.

If the vein valves no longer function properly, or the elasticity of the vascular walls weaken, a so-called venous reflux, a blood build-up in the legs, occurs. This enlarges the vein walls causing varicose veins to develop.

Pain, swollen or heavy legs and skin changes can follow. If left untreated, such symptoms can worsen over time resulting in leg ulcers and other complications.